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When we decided to completely remodel our Sedona home, we hired Brad to do the job. We are delighted we did. His design suggestions were right on and his attention to details were significant in getting the end product we were hoping for. He also picked the right sub contractors and worked with them to ensure the work was done according to design. The work site was kept as clean as possible and quality products were used throughout. We would definitely use him again.
Ken & Carol Dorushka
In the turmoil of my extensive renovation project, Brad Luky has been my consistent ally. His experience, professionalism, and exacting attention to detail were evident at our initial meeting. Brad's capacity for collaboration has been instrumental in focusing the scope of my vision. He is adept at establishing a common language in order to point out pivotal design opportunities and impracticalities. An example, of Brad's design contribution, was his suggestion that I add a small window to an otherwise uncomfortably small room. This simple, relatively inexpensive, idea captured an otherwise untapped view and elevated our entire renovation. Yet, it is in his role as General Contractor that Brad has been truly indispensable. As is often the case, I have faced manufacturing and scheduling delays on this project. Through it all, Brad Lucky has advocated for me and found a way to keep the the forward momentum. His integrity, resolve, diplomacy, practicality, loyalty and humor have helped me to navigate a notoriously stressful undertaking. As my project nears completion, I can appreciate that every detail has been carefully considered, skillfully crafted and is more impactful than I expected. I could not have accomplished this transformation without Brad Luky's oversight.
Cynthia Lane Tyler